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Great Startup Advices

I just watched this video and I couldn't recommend it more to those of you dreaming of having your own business one day but you're still quite not there yet.
And it's a must for those getting ready to launch the next Google, Facebook or YouTube!

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Here is my choice of the greatest advices, but make sure to watch the whole video, you may find some other useful advices:

  1. "odds are not created equal": odds of you making the next Google vs. odds of you making a small profitable business are not in favor of you making the next Google... Realize that and move on!

  2. really, you don't need to become the next Facebook or Google, you just have to solve some problem people have a little bit better than the other guys. Don't you have a deal of troubles in your own life to begin with?

  3. "good innovation comes from just solving simple problems that you're intimately involved with" - you're not unique, after you solve the problem, you'd probably find another 1000 people having the same problem...

  4. having a limited amount of time to work on something, really focuses your energy - "when you have 10 hours per week, those really matter - you can't screw around with 10 hours, then nothing gets done: having less time is a huge benefit to most people"

  5. you don't need to build your company overnight - "don't be in such a frickin' hurry!"

BTW, I love this player, except for the comments being abused and thus loosing the great opportunity - maybe they should allow only registered users to post comments?

P.S. If you found some other advices you think are worth sharing, don't be shy and give me a comment about it!