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What do bed, bathtub and bus have in common?

According to experts these are all the places on which you let your brain rest - "the three B's where creativity takes place" as Dr. Sanjay Gupta, host of a CNN primetime special "Genius: Quest for Extreme Brain Power" I just watched, said.

I think everybody has experienced at least one of those a-ha moments when they have actually let their brain rest from what they were thinking extensively of.

But this idea of three B's, and especially the bathtub being one of them was very interesting to me concerning the latest news from the chess world.

Now I think I can understand Kramnik's visiting a bathroom too often during one of the 12 games in the latest chess match with Topalov for the title of a chess heavyweight champion of the world.

The guy just needed to rest his brain a little for creative thinking. Going to sleep or getting on a bus would seem a little too much, don't you think so?

Could Kramnik even had used the bathtub in there anyway?
Even though I don't know how much he was actually in the bathroom and whether this bathroom was equipped with a bathtub it still seems a bit far-fetched that he had a relaxing bath every time. But Topalov did accused him of visiting the bathroom without a video surveillance too frequently.

Anyway the bathtub isn't even necessary if you think about it. The concept says you need to rest your brain periodically during the hard work. It can be something other than a bathtub, a bus or a bed for you.

What actually pushed me to write this article was the idea that the host of this CNN show said bathroom, not bathtub. Yes, I heard it wrong and automatically made an assumption, wrote this article (thinking the bathroom is one of the three B's) and interestingly enough, I had to go to the bathroom... hehehe...

As I wrote a draft of this article almost in an impulse, after the bathroom, where I didn't think about this article, it came to my mind that I should search for a transcript on CNN. There I was able to see how my whole article was a little off base.

But it wasn't that hard to rewrite it, I think it still makes a good story and this just goes to prove how bathroom IS one of the three B's where creativity takes place. :)

BTW, Kramnik won that match. ;)