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Learn To Strategize And Exercise Your Brain - All While Having Fun!

If you still haven't, then learn this game now! It's fun and it allows you to exercise your brain!

Ever since I watched A Beautiful Mind, I've been "planning" to learn this game, called simply Go, that Nash and his buddies played in the movie (which I also recommend; it's a great movie about a great man!).

I'll never forget this scene, when he's challenged to play the game and he says this unforgettable line: "I'm terrified, mortified, petrified, stupefied... by you."

So I've had to write a few lines on the game theory tonight, which of course got me to think about that movie and in no time I wandered off to YouTube to watch some scenes.
The end results was me learning how to play Go game from this Go game interactive tutorial.
Now I have to write a few lines about game theory tomorrow morning...
But a day wasn't lost! As I learned, I played a bit of Go and I exercised my brain, which you can do too!

There's a list of software to play Go (for all kinds of platforms). Enjoy!