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Simpleology: Here's some dynamite for your brain

Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want"...will turn you into a powerful goal-achieving monster."
Joe Sugarman, Chairman, BlueBlocker Corporation

"Remarkable, timely, courageous ... an essential guide for life."
Richard Webster, author of over 95 books

"Can something so profound, deep and life-impacting really be so SIMPLE?"
Dr. Man Sivasubramanian

"...immediately tripled my production."
Frank Rumbauskas, NY Times Best-Selling Author of "Never Cold-Call Again"

Mark Joyner, author of over a dozen books translated in almost as many languages is releasing a new one:

Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want
Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want

But this is more than a book. Simpleology book complements itself with the already famous Simpleology 101 program which is a 18 day course for life.

Simpleology 101: The Simple Science of Getting What You WantSimpleology 101 gets you on track towards your goals through 18 short, easy-to-understand multimedia lessons that require only 15 minutes a day of your time. It's fun and intuitive. You learn a lot of powerful stuff that leave you wondering how simple this is and how come more people are not fully aware of it...

And just as the book itself says:
"simple·ology: The Simple Science of Getting What You
is merely the companion to a multimedia learning
experience and some life-changing software--all of
which you can access for free."

I couldn't recommend you Simpleology 101 more. Besides, it's free so you've got nothing to loose unless you're one of those freebie-hunters who would stuff their computer will hundreds of freebies only to let them sit there for ages, even forgetting about some.
Even if you have acted like this on occasion or two (I will admit I have), don't let this "freebie" slip through your hands just because it's given at no cost. All it really demands from you is 15 minutes of each day to devote them to YOURSELF. And if you can't do that, well, I don't know what to say to you. Simpleology 101 has changed my life in a number of ways about which you will be able to read on this site soon. But there's no need for you to wait for anything. Go there and join now!

But if you're really afraid you might let this go unused simply because it's free, there's good news for you. This book Mike has published does cost money, it's tangible and might just be exactly what you need.
You can download a free sample of the Simpleology book after you join Simpleology 101 for free from the Simpleology 101 members' area.
I tell you, the free sample alone will get your mind buzzing... I can't wait to get the full book in my hands!

Here are some of the things you'll learn just from reading this free sample:

The free Simpleology 101 course gives you practical steps you can make right now to change your life, to start moving in the direction where you want to be with astonishing speed and this book will help you fully understand why you are where you are at the moment. This will give you even more understanding why Simpleology 101 is so important and you will feel like you are really on top of things. This is good. You want to fully understand the problem before applying the solution which will be guaranteed to have more success that way.

The Site from which you can get the Simpleology book goes live at 12 noon EST 30 March 2007 (Friday).
Best wishes,
Dom Delimar

P.S: Hehe, would you believe me that I almost forgot to mention the bribe you're getting with the purchase of this book? Oh yeah, Mark Joyner called up all of his partners, including myself to upload their own products which will be used as free bonuses for everyone who buys this book.
Meaning, after you purchase this book you get access to hundreds of free bonuses, but that's not all. These will be downloadable bonuses but from some partners you'll get real tangible gifts by snail mail right in your mailbox!