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Additional Article Position Options Mod for sNews 1.5

I've been wanting to write a full explanation for this mod where I outline and teach you all the php functions I've learned while cracking this mod, but that turned out to be an awfully lengthy and tedious process for which I don't have time right now.

So what I've done is I've implemented the mod into the fresh install of the latest sNews stable version (developers version 1.5.30) which you can download easily and use it as you please.

While I've done everything in my power to make this work, please don't hold me responsible if something doesn't work or if something brakes.
It is vital that you backup your snews.php file and your existing MySQL database, just to be safe and that you can switch back if you wish so later. (Just rename your existing snews.php file into something else and upload this modified one. And I've found some instructions for backing up your MySQL database for you if you've never done it before - it's a piece of cake, especially if you have PHPMyAdmin.)

I'd appreciate if you'd let me know if you find this mod useful.

snews.php_add_article_position_mod.tar.bz2 - 19,9KB - 22,4KB

P.S. I haven't given up from writing the full explanation yet, it's just that this is immediate and the full explanation will have to wait a bit more...