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Additional Article Position Options mod for sNews 1.6

Without a doubt, I made my only notable mod so far, Additional Article Position Options for sNews 1.5 out of a necessity.

It shows you just how much I need this mod that even though a new version of sNews (1.6) has been out since May 16, 2007 it took me until two weeks ago to migrate from version 1.5.31 to sNews 1.6.0 - all because I had to have my mod even in the new version - and didn't have time to deal with porting it to the new version of sNews.

As I was called by raving fans from sNews community that I make this mod functional for sNews 1.6, I set out to do it. Thanks to that, this website is now on the latest sNews version and other sNews users can now follow the instructions on how to apply the Additional Article Position Options mod to their sNews 1.6 websites.

You have the option of simply taking an already modified clean snews.php file from here:

snews.php_add_article_position_mod_v16.tar.bz2 - 22,5KB - 25,3KB (both files have identical content)

I apologize for the wait to everybody using this mod and it would be great to know how many sNews users depend on me to continue developing this mod or at least would like me to do that.

Yes, you can tell me by commenting on this article.