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Firefox 3 addons: Tabbrowser Preferences

As with every new version of Firefox you can expect there will be addons that won't be compatible with the new version immediately after the Firefox release.

It's all good until it happens to you, right? ;)

It's all good until this happens with your must-have-or-die Firefox extension, right?

Well, something like that happened to me. More specifically, not only is the addon incompatible with Firefox 3, but the project seems to be d.e.a.d. - and that stinks... :(

So, without further ado, for all the users of Tabbrowser Preferences, this isn't Tabbrowser Preferences for Firefox 3, but it's a way to get to almost all of it's features even without it.

All you need to do is open this txt file, modify the values inside to your liking and then save it into your Firefox profile (How to find your profile?) and voila!
All of the settings are now saved in Firefox 3, even without Tabbrowser preferences! (OK, truth is I got a little carried away, since some of the settings were tied to Tabbrowser preferences and you'll see which ones I'm talking about because they are commented in the above txt file)

It's easy to modify the values. Just change the true/false or the integral value where it shows up.

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UPDATE, June 20th:
If you came here without seeing what Lawrence Webb, a.k.a larryvgs on suggested "For those who MUST HAVE their tabs on the bottom", here's a solution for you:

Put the following in your userChrome.css file (it doesn't exist by default but it should be located in the sub-folder called chrome in your profile folder) or just open this userChrome.css and save it in your chrome folder.

/ Display the Tabbar at the bottom /

content > tabbox {-moz-box-direction: reverse;}

The orginal instructions are supposedly at

UPDATE, July 2nd:
There's now a new and still experimental addon Tab Focus for all of you who can't live without Tabbrowser Preferences' "Select tabs when the mouse is moved onto them" feature. Thanks TDM for letting us know!